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Signage Civil & MEP

Al Inshrah is also well known in the industry, as the leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of Signs, Underground Warning tapes, Engraving, Acrylic Fabrication etc.

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Switchgear Components

We manufacture and supply various high quality switchgear components which is the skeleton of modern electrical distribution systems.

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Sinage Material Trading

We deliver wide range of sign materials both for indoor / outdoor. PVC/Traffolyte/Acrylic Sheets/Engraving Cutter, Colour vinyl rolls, Indoor/Outdoor Digital Print , Cold Laminaton and much more...

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Busbar Fabrication

Bus Bar Fabrication Bus Bar Fabrication
Busbar Fabrication

We have developed an extensive Busbar fabrication division; equipped with the most modern machines and extra skilled fabricators capable of fabricating busbars with complex custom designs. We provide a High Quality Service to the Construction Industry, and have a comprehensive portfolio of Completed Projects. We enjoy excellent customer reviews for our Quality, Efficiency, Work Ethic and an Unblemished Health and Safety Record, and ensure at every level these key factors are constantly maintained and improved.

We use high conductivity electrical grade Copper conductor directly sourced from the leading manufacturers Luvata & Oriental Copper. All cutting, bending and punching are done on hydraulic/electrical machines to achieve desired angle and smooth edges.

Our Fabrication Division is equipped with the following tools.

  • Hydraulic Busbar Bending Machine Big upto 200 x 12mm cu.busbar
  • HydraulicBusbar Bending Machine Small upto 200 x 12mm cu.busbar
  • Electric Busbar Cutting Machine
  • Hydraulic Bus Bar Punching Machine upto 18mm hole/slots
  • Bakelite/Hylamsheet cutting Machine
  • Pillar Drill Machine upto 16 mm
  • Portable Drilling Machine
  • Jigsaw Cutter
  • Tool Boxes Equipped with all Tools & Tackles for efficient & quick assembly work
  • Portable wiring trolleys equipped with wires, lugs, ferrules, sleeves, basic wiring Tools etc.

We have full-fledged testing division equipped with modern testing equipment’s like High Voltage Tester (5 KV), Megger, 5KV, Tong Tester, phase Sequence Meter, Loading Transformer, Relay Testing Panel, Secondary injection testing kit, Milli volt drop test kit etc.